Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes 900-count

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  • Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes are made with 70% Tencel® fiber, a naturally soft, environmentally friendly fiber. The fiber is a 100% renewable resource made from wood pulp. These wipes are ideal for your baby’s delicate skin. They are hypoallergenic, alcohol, chlorine and paraben free. They also contain aloe and vitamin E. The result is a silky smooth and super-strong wipe.


  • Extra-Large Wipes

  • With Aloe & Chamomile

  • Hypoallergenic

  • No Chlorine, Alcohol, Dyes, Parabens or Phthalates

Ingredients & Benefits

  • The most exciting breakthrough in premium-quality baby wipes. Tencel® is the revolutionary fabric that begins where other fabrics end. You’ll see and feel why it’s ultra-soft the very first time you use it.

    BETTER FOR YOUR WORLD Our wipes are made from 100% renewable resources.* More than ever, parents like you want products for their children that deliver outstanding cleansing, but are also respectful of the environment.That’s why we choose to make our wipes with Tencel®. Tencel® is made from trees. Actually, from the cellulose inside trees, which is naturally absorbent and renewable.* The innovative manufacturing process is designed to minimally impact the environment by recycling energy and water. And, our wipes are also made in a zero landfill facility.

    Tencel® is a registered trademark of Lenzing A.G.
    *Wipes are made from wood pulp 100% derived from trees grown in environmentally managed forests.



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